I’m really not trying to give folks heartburn: I know that normally email addresses aren’t case sensitive. I have contacted multiple WI folks who sent in comments. They all say that they didn’t get a confirmation with the capitol I address, but did with the new address (lower case i). I’ve emailed Jennifer Johnson so hopefully it will all be resolved. Maybe the auto-response is set up oddly.


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I sent mine twice – once in the body of an email and once as an attachment.  I did not receive a confirmation to the one with the attachment, but received an immediate confirmation to the email version.


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No confirmation for TN


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I always do a delivery and read receipt for confirmation. Other than that they are not sending. I also copied mine to Jennifer and she did respond.

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Hi all,

I’ve seen several versions of the email to send comments to, and someone mentioned today they got a confirmation when they sent to:

P3xxxxxx@acl.hhs.gov I also saw earlier versions with both the lower and upper case c.


I have yet to get a confirmation and have sent with lower and upper case I’s (an earlier email from Jennifer Johnson had the upper case I). Have you all gotten confirmations? I have emailed Jennifer to enquire.



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